Meet Dr. Oramas – Oramas Dental Center

Dr. Dania Oramas, DDS

My name is Dania Oramas, a general dentist graduated with a gold degree from the University of Havana in 1993. Since I was a child, I always had a passion for dentistry and I studied hard to achieve it.

In 1995 I came to the United States with my family and once again set the goal of continuing to practice dentistry. I worked as a dental assistant and taught dental assistant classes in technical schools while studying and preparing to pass the national exams in this country. In 1998 I started studying at UF and finally in 2000 I graduated as a dentist in the United States, graduated with honors and became a proud GATOR of Florida at the same time.

For 10 years I worked as a general dentist associate in Hialeah practicing all branches of dentistry and improving myself every day. In 2010 I decided to open my office and that’s how Oramas Dental Center emerged, a building that became an orthopedic practice, little by little we were remodeling and renovating every inch of the building until it became what it is today , a dental office where every day
we lovingly try to help and serve our patients.

We perform dental procedures on children from three years old to elderly patients. We combine love and technology in each treatment. We do surgeries, fixed and removable prostheses, root canal treatment, orthodontics, gum treatment, restorations, cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, implants and more.

Today I am a proud mother of two boys and an entrepreneural woman who has provided her services to the community for more than 27 years, with extensive experience a professional who studies every day to always give my patients and my family the best.


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